Beginning October 29, ride-hailing will be a thing of the past at LAX.

In September we reported that LAX is planning a shuttle service, the Consolidated Rent a Car project, with the hope to ease the growing traffic at LAX. This new project will create a one-stop service for rental car customers and remove several of the different rental car shuttles that clog the arrival lanes.

This week LAX announced a new shuttle program: Lyft, Uber, and taxi users will now have to take a shuttle to a location near Terminal 1 to catch a ride. This new policy is in response to the growing traffic currently clogging up the millions being picked up upon arrival. Per the Los Angeles Times: Passenger volume increased from 63.7 million in 2012 to 87.5 million in 2018, according to LAX officials. These numbers, along with the closed lanes at the airport due to construction, are the main culprit in the recent announcement.

In essence, travelers will be traveling a little bit further to arrive at their final destination in Los Angeles. And Los Angelenos know that family and friends will not pick you up at the airport, no matter how much they care about you. Curbside pick up is being “kicked to the curb,” as they say; travelers beware: the new program is scheduled to start October 29.