At Heyler Realty, we’ve always emphasized the importance of inspections. In a recent blog post, we discussed that inspections are a time when the buyer can go back to the seller if they find major issues with the home and possibly renegotiate. A final walkthrough can be just as important. A final a walkthrough usually occurs a few days up to a day before the close of escrow. This allows the buyer to one more last look at the property to see if anything has changed significantly since inspections or an agreement in the contract has been breached (ie, seller agreed to leave a refrigerator and did not).

A checklist can help you prepare for your final walkthrough.

An article in USA Today pointed out several ways to prepare for a final walkthrough. Here are some highlights:

  • Bring your real estate agent. You should never do a final walkthrough with just the seller’s agent. Your agent is there to represent and protect you and will help guide you through the process.
  • Bring your phone. You will need these to take pictures, videos, and to take notes.
  • Check everything. Just as you had done in your inspections, you should check to see that everything works.
  • Have a copy of your Request for Repairs on hand. If applicable, make sure all requested repairs have been completed.