Looking around many Westside Los Angeles neighborhoods and you wouldn’t think there is a pandemic happening. Sold signs are common and construction continues at a strong pace. When we decided to purchase our Spanish Remodel in the spring, it was an uncertain time to buy, but we thought at least we’d save on materials. Nope. So many homeowners and buyers are rethinking what a home means, now that many are working from home and have schoolchildren learning online, which has created a demand for hardwood floors, tile, and the like—and ADUs (accessory dwelling units) are popping up everywhere.

Next door to our new house, a neighbor is converting their garage into an ADU, and another neighbor is considering doing the same. We are looking at doing so as well. We purchased a three-bedroom home and might need to convert part of the garage into office space.

As the trend continues to grow, here are a few things you might want to consider if you are thinking about building an ADU and/or looking to purchase a home that you might want to utilize the backyard space for extra square footage.

  1. Use. When thinking about an ADU, how will you use it? Will it be an in-law unit with a kitchen and bathroom, a home gym, a home office, a rental, or just a personal getaway while we navigate kids and adults at home for work and school?
  2. Permitting. Many garages are built on property lines and/or near a power line. We always thought that we’d build an ADU above our garage, but a major power line on the corner of our lot will prohibit that. You can find out more information about Los Angeles County permitting here.
  3. Cost. ADU’s range greatly in cost, depending on size, resources used, whether plumbing is involved, etc. Curious to see how much a prefab ADU would cost? Cover is a local company that specializes in prefab ADU construction. You can get a quote here.

In today’s COVID, work-from-home, school-from-home world, homeownership is a great investment and ADUs are proving to add value to homes. If you have questions about ADUs, contact us. We can give recommendations for a contractor for bids, as well as discuss how an ADU can improve your home’s value.

Disclaimer: Michelle, a real estate consultant at Heyler Realty recently purchased a “fixer upper” in West Los Angeles. Loving LA Life, as well as Heyler Realty’s Facebook page, will be documenting Michelle’s progress as she navigates through a remodel. The views, information, or opinions expressed by Michelle are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of Heyler Realty and its employees.